Jeffrey Epstein’s Flight Logs Subpoenaed, Hollywood Elites Will Soon Be In Full-Blown Panic Mode

Lawyers for Hollywood’s morally bankrupt, ultra-elite are licking their chops this week as it was announced that the flight logs from accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein — who died in a prison cell under mysterious circumstances — will soon be investigated and released.

A number of wealthy, high-profile friends of Epstein who might have flown with the accused pedophile on one of his private jets or helicopters between 1998 and 2019 may soon be in total panic mode as the U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General issued a subpoena for those logs, which are expected to likely contain a list of very well known names.

AG Denise George is also pushing the investigation into Epstein’s disgusting adventures by seeking information from a number of people who worked for Epstein during those years, including former pilot, a cook and any others who are aware of “complaints or reports of potentially suspicious conduct.”

One of Epstein’s pilots, David Rodgers, released flight logs in 2009 that clearly showed some of Epstein’s guests were high-profilers like former President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Kevin Spacey and and a number of other celebrities.

The flight logs from long-time pilot Larry Visoski are the logs being subpoenaed and according to Daily Mail, a legal source said “The records that have been subpoenaed will make the ones Rodgers provided look like a Post-it note.”

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Former cook for Epstein, Adam Perry Lang, who worked for the pedophile billionaire from 1999-2003, is already working with the FBI to determine what exactly happened in Epstein’s world of child sexual abuse. His cooperation in the investigation is providing much-needed hope for the numerous Epstein victims that the full story and everyone involved will soon be revealed to the world.

“We certainly hope that this may inspire other witnesses to come forward and help shed some light on Epstein’s dark scheme,” victims’ attorney Arick Fudali said.

“Perry Lang holds information on what took place. They will get as much detail as possible that will shape any interview they may one day have with the duke,” the Daily Mail’s source said.

Lang also worked for Prince Andrew and has already stated that he accompanied the Royal family member on two separate flights, which will increase the already intense pressure on Prince Andrew to cooperate with the FBI instead of hoping by laying low that the whole thing will blow over.

While a number of Hollywood elites have been exposed for their dirty and illegal deeds — especially on the sexual abuse front — over the past several years, the revelation of exactly who was flying with Epstein on his infamous “Lolita Express” flights to his private island could have tremendous ramifications that will, in turn, spark a number of bombshell investigations into household American celebrity names.

This new information will only serve to confirm what conservatives already know about Hollywood celebs — many of them are disgusting, immoral and have absolutely no regard for the law. They operate outside of the bounds of the U.S. justice system because they have the money and resources to mount the best legal defenses.

But that game is all but over.

Hopefully this new investigation will be the tool that finally unravels the wicked, repulsive web of Hollywood’s elite.

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