Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Argues With Passenger Over Wearing Gaiter Instead of Mask, Threatens to Call Authorities [VIDEO

A Spirit Airlines flight attendant recently started an argument with a passenger over whether or not a neck gaiter is an appropriate face covering aboard its planes, and a video of the incident started an online debate that was pretty intense.

On Friday night, the video was posted on Twitter and it reveals a flight attendant standing in the aisle near the passenger’s seat.  The passenger was holding the camera.  At the time, the passenger was wearing a neck gaiter over his nose and mouth – the material looked like an American flag – as an alternative to a mask offered to him by the airline.

Spirit Airlines passenger wearing a gaiter instead of a mask
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The video starts off with the passenger informing a flight attendant standing before him that he is “wearing a mask.”

“No,” the flight attendant responds. “What do you have underneath it?”

There is evidence that wearing a mask does not work, but Democrats have used their media allies to push people to believe we have to take such precautions or else we are all going to die.  This is for political reasons, because if there’s a large number of paranoid delusional people out there who believe the lies at this point in time they will have the excuse to force mail-in voting, which is what the Democrats are going to use to try to cheat President Trump out of the White House.

Ultimately, the flight attendant tells the passenger that his face covering “isn’t legal to wear.” The passenger responds, “legal by who?” before turning the camera around to show the gaiter he was wearing.

The flight attendant at that point told the gaiter-wearing passenger that the mask he’s wearing isn’t “legal according to the CDC.”

As the flight attendant continues to give the pro American gaiter wearing guy a hard time, the passenger tells him that he’s “been on 20 flights with this same exact mask,” before he adds: “All right, well I’m done talking.”

The flight attendant responds: “Well, so am I. You will have the authorities waiting for you when we land.”

The passenger responded, “Okay.  Sounds good.”

Over 1,000 Twitter users reacted to the video, and many of them presumed that the flight attendant took issue with the American flag pattern of the gaiter rather than the face covering itself.  I have to be honest as that was my first thought, and it hasn’t changed since.  That, and the fact that there is a phenomenon going on where lil pipsqueaks like this flight attendant believe they have a fiefdom they control.  In this case, it’s the airplane.  The whole Chinese virus pandemic (CV-19) has made the pipsqueaks think they have power over everyone in their fiefdom.  The customer is not always right with these types of self-anointed employees.  I believe this feudal lord flight attendant didn’t like the open display of the American flag and tried to assert his authority as the Duke of Spirit, but when the the benighted gave a verbal middle finger to the king’s pipsqueak, his authority then transferred via threat to call the authorities.

Nevertheless, in a statement to Fox News, a spokesperson for the airlines vehemently denied that was the case. Instead, the spokesperson said that this came down to an issue about health and safety procedures. Moreover, the flight attendant was concerned about the gaiter not including at least two layers of cloth, per the Spirit Airlines’ policy stated on its website.

“Safety is Spirit’s No. 1 priority, which is why our face covering policy adheres to CDC guidelines. Our policy requires that all face coverings fit snugly cover the nose and mouth, be secure under the chin and have at least two layers of fabric. The CDC cautions that gaiters may not be effective, which is why we require guests to either double-up neck gaiters so they’re dual-layered and hug the chin, or to wear a standard ear-loop face covering underneath it,” a Spirit spokesperson said in a statement.

The statement continued: “Spirit Airlines proudly welcomes anyone onboard who wants to show their pride with an American flag on a face covering that complies with our policy. Our flight attendants asked the guest in this video to double up his gaiter. When he refused, they offered him an ear-loop mask to place under his gaiter, and he refused that option, too.”

The company’s website says passengers must wear proper face coverings “while at the airport, on the jet bridge and onboard the aircraft” and the only time they can be removed is while eating, drinking, or taking medication.

So, just to be clear, according to the airline’s stupid regulations, if the gaiter-wearing passenger ate and/or drank the entire flight, he could get away with not wearing any face covering at all.  Do you see how ridiculous the intentionally-pushed hyperbolic fear of CV-19 has become?  The airline policy is saying that safety is their first concern, yet not so much when eating, drinking or taking meds.  So, this must mean that Spirit Airlines believes the virus knows not to attack anyone while they are eating, drinking or taking medication.  Wow, that’s one really intelligent and reasonable virus.

The airline additionally lists face coverings that don’t meet its policies, which includes: “open-chin triangle bandanas, face coverings containing valves or mesh material, and face shields.”  Again, the science is saying that masks don’t work either.

Nonetheless, passengers can wear face shields in addition to approved face coverings, the website says.

“Guests who choose not to comply with our face covering requirement will lose future flight privileges with Spirit,” the website says.  And they’re not the only airline to hand out such threats to paying customers.  Our own David Harris Jr was recently told by American Airlines that he was banned from flying until the CV-19 problem goes away, which if left to the Democrats, would never happen.  David was banned over not wearing a mask, but he was eating at the time, and American also has  the asinine belief that a virus will not attack you while eating.  In fact, David’s case was even more ridiculous, because there was no incident reported by the flight crew.

Twitter users chimed in from both sides as is expected.

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