Dems very Worried About Voter Fraud Meetings with Experts and State Leaders that don’t Include Dems

Attorney Hans von Spakovsky from the Heritage Foundation is an expert on voter fraud and the techniques that people use to attempt to steal Federal and State-US elections, and is speaking out about “Mail-in Voting” and according to a far left-leaning federal “Non-Profit” publication, he has been meeting with state election officials, and not inviting Democrats to the meetings.

Democrats use nonprofits as Grassroots Marketing Platforms, like Pro-Publica, to spread misinformation and propaganda and here is the perfect case to understand how they work. The organization “Pro-Publica, posted an article and framed the narrative to sound as if there was something illegal going on. When all they really do is expose themselves and their fears.

Consider what they are really telling us:

“Starting in early spring, as the coronavirus took hold, a conservative lawyer at the forefront of raising alarms about voting by mail held multiple private briefings exclusively for Republican state election officials, according to previously unreported public records,” they wrote.

Consider: Does it sounds as if there is a bit of leading emotion there? And why would there be? When the virus was “taking hold” people were still having meetings and protecting the Republic.. ok. A lawyer who informs people about voter fraud, because he is Conservative and wants to protect the integrity of the election process, is suspicious over the left pushing through fraudulent tactics that would harm the US Presidential election. But the records of the meetings are public. Are you scared yet?

“The lawyer, the Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky, is a leading purveyor of the notion that voter fraud is rampant, claims that have been largely discredited, “ProPublica wrote.

Consider: A “leading purveyor”? That is a person who sells things. You mean like the numerous “tell-all books” that get major mainstream media spotlights? No not like that. The “notion”, as if the author of the hit piece doesn’t read the news. There are numerous instances of voter fraud people arrested for voting more than once, people who have corrupted ballots, and problems in the system within the last 6 months.

And as if the Democrats will not exploit the smallest of things to gain an edge to deceive Americans and get their way. Please. They will exploit a Chicken Sandwich to push their narrative if they can.

Consider: He has been discredited? Who on the right, including children to 3-star Generals have the Democrats NOT discredited? Their claims are worthless because they are without merit, as a body.

The article goes on to frame a public email confirming a meeting between “Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia secretary of state, confirms his attendance at a meeting held by Hans von Spakovsky.

The real problem for the Democrats is that for the first time in their recent history we have a Republican President who won’t roll over and do what they want him to do, and we have a highly engaged and active voter base on our side, who wont roll over and do what they want. This article is a prime example of the fears of the left, and to what lengths they will go to, to expose themselves and liars and frauds.

There is nothing wrong with this meeting or these emails, but the leftist media is desperate to give the leftist activist base something to spread around on their social media to try to discredit the obvious landslide that is coming Trump’s way and this article in particular shows their fear over having voter fraud exposed.

From the article:

“Among the participants in these meetings has been an official from the office of Georgia’s secretary of state; the secretary, Brad Raffensperger, recently elevated concerns about voter fraud by contending that 1,000 Georgians had voted twice in elections this year.

GOP congressional staffers and a Trump administration appointee have also joined in these meetings, which were open to officials from states across the country, including Missouri and Nevada, the records show. No Democratic state election officials appear to have been invited.”


Conservatives are planning, working together and refusing to roll over and they are listening to lawyers.

“The remote gatherings are an outgrowth of private, in-person meetings von Spakovsky has held with Republican election authorities each year since Trump took office, the records show. Participants have hailed from at least a dozen states, including battlegrounds like Ohio and Georgia. They typically dovetail with the national conference of secretaries of state in Washington, D.C., and take place at Heritage’s headquarters. Those pre-pandemic meetings did not primarily address voting by mail,” ProPublica wrote.

How scary is that?

The Democrats are laying the groundwork, like addicts, that if President Donald J. Trump wins they will have enough reasons to throw fits to last for at least 4 years.

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