Democrats in Panic Mode as New Poll Suggests Substantial Number Of Gay Men Plan On Voting For President Trump – Zone News 24

While voters in the LGBT community have historically voted heavily in favor of Democrat politicians, a new poll reveals that there has been a significant shift in how gay men plan to vote in the upcoming presidential election — a shift that should be cause for great concern for Democrats up for re-election.

According to Newsweek, a social app that caters to the gay community called “Hornet” recently polled 10,000 of its users around the world with regard to who they would prefer as the United States president. Former Vice President Joe Biden landed the support of roughly two-thirds of the surveyed participants, with President Donald Trump securing about 34 percent of respondents.

However, of the 1,200 gay men who live in the United States — the only demographic that would technically matter for voting for a U.S. president — the numbers were shockingly different. Trump scored an astonishing 45 percent with gay men in the U.S., while Biden only garnered 51 percent.

There were other interesting tidbits of data from the poll with regard to how gay men in the U.S. felt about the president’s policies and ideas. Around 27 percent of respondents indicated that they mostly or fully support Trump. Another nine percent said they have mixed feelings on his policies — agreeing with some and disagreeing on others.

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But 10 percent of the respondents who don’t agree with President Trump at all indicated that they’re voting for him anyway. It may seem like a small number, but if it’s any representation of gay male voters across the country, it spells a problem for Biden, who should theoretically have a lock on the demographic.

On the other hand, it shouldn’t be surprising that a portion of who were probably otherwise Democrat voters are pulling for Trump in November. Covid-19 pandemic aside, strong economies with strong job markets and a solid Wall Street tend to transcend social ideologies.

At the end of the day, people want to live comfortably, remain gainfully employed and have a shot at living out the American dream — something that President Trump made possible for the first time in nearly a decade. And people from all walks of life have obviously taken notice.

It should also be no surprise that members of the LGBT community are more open to supporting President Trump, given his record on handling gay rights issues. Robert Krebel, who has fought for gay rights for four decades, wrote in a USA Today op-ed last month that Democrats have taken advantage of the LGBT community for a long time.

He also correctly pointed out that Trump has delivered “meaningful policy victories” for gay and lesbian voters and suggested that his community no longer has to rely on one party in order to see the changes for which they’ve been fighting for.

Trump has affected positive change in a number of minority communities — like among African-Americans and Latinos — that have consistently opened the doors for members of those communities to feel comfortable voting for Republican candidates.

Democrats beware, your panic is justified because the communities that were once in your back pocket are beginning to wake up.

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