Give Me A Break! ‘Crazy Nancy’ Gives An ‘Emotional’ Performance For The Ages On MSNBC (VIDEO) – Zone News 24

Pelosi should get an Academy Award for the performance she gave during an interview on MSNBC.

Pelosi was telling host Mike Brezinski that Trump should be focused on the virus, not a healthcare plan.

“We’re supposed to be crushing the virus right now … instead the president is crushing the Affordable Care Act.” “This is very dangerous to not only the health of the American people, but the financial security of America’s families.”

Give me a break!

What Pelosi did this week was crush was a bipartisan effort by the Problem Solvers Caucus to get relief to Americans hurting because of the pandemic.

Republicans in the Senate also tried to pass another relief bill however, the Democrats shot it down.

Here is what the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi also did this week, they voted on a resolution to condemn the term “Wuhan Virus.”

Meanwhile here’s what the President accomplished.

Who is this woman kidding?

Written by Staff WriterSeptember 16, 2020

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