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Now that the election is just weeks away, people are paying much closer attention and the polls are getting much tighter.

The bad news for Joe Biden is that things are not moving in his direction.

Trends are moving towards Trump, most notably among Latino voters.

Townhall reports:

New Fox Poll: National Race Tightens, Trump Again Outperforming Among Latinos

Fox News, whose pollster often draws the president’s ire, is out with a new national survey. It shows a five-point national contest, with challenger Joe Biden at 51 percent and the incumbent at 46 percent — matching his share of the “popular” vote in 2016. This suggests that the nationwide race has gotten closer, but the Democrat remains ahead…

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We’ve raised the trend of Trump significantly outperforming among Hispanics before, and it’s looking like an established factor at this point. There are now numerous polls — nationally, and in states like Florida and Texas — that appear to confirm it.

Of course, the media is doing all it can to ignore Latino support for Trump.

Also, if you’re wondering why the FOX News poll always seems to be more liberal than you would expect, there is a reason for that.

Take a look at this:

It all makes sense now.

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