China’s tech giant is shrinking in Europe: Expert; Indoor dining returns to NYC this month | NTD

00:00 Indoor Dining Returns to NYC This Month
New Yorkers will be able to dine indoors once again by the end of this month. Some restaurant owners are saying this means more business and more jobs, but that it’s long overdue.

02:06 NYC Has ‘Record Month’ of Empty Apartments
There is a record number of empty apartments in NYC and the number is rising. The author of a new report says it’ll be months before things get better.

03:18 Report: How the CCP Infiltrated US Education
The National Association of Scholars has released a new report. It lays out how the Chinese Communist Party has worked to strategically corrupt the U.S. education system since at least 2003.

06:05 Expert: Huawei Is Shrinking in Europe
Signs that Huawei is shrinking in Europe. A French telecom company this month said it is not authorized to use Huawei in its 5G networks. One expert says the Chinese tech giant is facing an ominous situation.

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