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Two Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Deputies were both shot in the head in an ambush attack in Compton on Saturday. Both of the officers — one male, one female, both young, one a parent — are struggling for their lives.

Unbelievably, some anti-cop rioters “protested” the Emergency Room that was treating the cops, attempting to storm it, and blocking the entrance for other emergency vehicles while TAUNTING the other police and the families of the two critically wounded officers.

That’s where we are in this country.

Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez from Churches in Action spoke with a reporter about what he saw on the scene. The group was there to pray for the officers and witnessed the events.

“We notice a group of people trying to get into emergency room, and thankfully the officers were able to stop them, and not let them enter into emergency room. It’s very sad to see,” said the Bishop.

He described the “protesters” shouting at the police. “They were saying ‘death to the police, kill the police,’” he said. “They were using all type of curse words and derogatory terms about the police.”

“Unacceptable behavior,” he said. “The hospital should be a sanctuary, where — we should leave hospitals alone.”

You would think so.

Asked again by the reporter he emphasized again that the “protesters” tried to get INTO the Emergency Room.

“Yes they did, and the actions taken by security and also by the deputies was very swift and prevented from a tragedy happening inside the emergency room.”

Here is more, from Twitter.

Language warning:

“There’s gonna be a lot of mother f*****s comin’ down here to celebrate.”

“I want to deliver a message to the family of the pigs: I hope they f***ing die!”

This is Democrat America. They have staged this deadly and destructive uprising in America because they hate Trump. And now they call their uprising “Trump’s America” because that was always the plan, and they warn Americans that they won’t bring the destruction and murder to a halt until they’re elected.

But they are idiots or liars. Or both. It won’t stop just because Democrats are elected. Look at those videos. They told everyone the cops are murderers bent on racial elimination and that the only option is to “take to the streets.” Well it happened. And it’s out of control. Democrats have unleashed a beast and lost control of it, and no milquetoast tweet from Biden is going to change a thing.

p.s. Here’s a shorter version of the interview if you are looking for a clip to share on Twitter.

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