Biden COVID Attack Backfires, Team Biden Is Clueless As Comments Comeback To Haunt Them – Zone News 24

It seems like Biden and his campaign are channeling their inner John Kerry and are flip flopping like crazy. Last week, they went all in to attack the President over his handling of the coronavirus and it is backfiring on them.

On Sunday, team Biden went out on the Sunday Shows to attack President Trump and they ended up looking like fools.

Biden senior campaign adviser Symone Sanders struggled during her appearance with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

First of all I’m shocked the media actually asked a Biden campaign official a real question. She also admitted that the Biden campaign is in trouble with the Hispanic vote.

“We know we have work to do and we have said from the beginning that Vice President Biden has been very clear about this — as is Sen. (Kamala) Harris — and we’re really working to earn every single vote in this country and we want to earn the votes of the Latino and Hispanic community and so we’re doing the work,” Sanders said.

It didn’t go well on Fox News either when Chris Wallace had some pointed questions for Biden advisor Jake Sullivan.

Just a day before TJ Ducklo didn’t fair much better.

The Biden campaign has a huge problem they are flip flopping like a fish out of water and even the mainstream media can’t cover for them.

Written by Staff WriterSeptember 13, 2020

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