Winter is coming. Look around you and ask yourself are people ready? Look in the mirror and ask yourself, are you ready? The next stimulus package initiative by the President as an executive order, whether successful or not, helps. This is a loss to the totalitarians that were playing with American lives to try and bail out their corrupt friends at the state level. Unfortunately, for California, New York, and more will need to be ready to take big hits. Unless you already plan to distance yourself from these states, you need to exercise adaptive behavior. How are you going to survive in the tax climate that will change in these states? How will your family sail through the lies about your money and where it will go? These are changing rapidly and you must also be as well.

It appears that the fiscal health of US states will greatly affect the citizens residing in them. We haven’t even got to the issue of unfunded pension liabilities and things are cracking. Careful, if you don’t make moves now to mitigate damage and risks, you will be open to high volatile exposure. As of now, what are extreme measures are not immediately necessary, but people should not ignore options. Like the 1,250% increase in Americans renouncing citizenship to escape abroad. A big increase, fortunately a small number. Something to keep your eye on. There is only a limited amount of spots in the countries around the world. The US is a population of over 330 million, don’t forget that. Basic things need to be in focus, like updating your passport or readjusting your portfolio of assets if you haven’t already.

Things like this will be something you will need to keep constant check. This is primarily because, in under 60 days our world will likely be upside down. Some would argue regardless of the outcome of the election, things will be upside down either way. This is true. Many underlying issues nationally and internationally will be speeding public history faster than it is now. Faster public history as in, it feels like Trump has been President for 8 years already, or it feels the year 2020 feels like 5 years. Speeding of public history is an indicator of the fourth turning, the generation theory. Things will feel faster than it is, the point is are you agile enough as well? Did cut off real estate tied to you, get rid of expensive furniture, or address any health or dental concerns? These sorts of things you want to sort out.


The coronavirus showed the world that there are rainy days people need to prepare for. Unfortunately, in the US it appears COVID-19 for large parts of the population is just a thing that will pass with no heavy damages. You can see this with citizens spending their stimulus money nonchalantly, new clothes, new laptops, and a lot of weed. But on the other side you can see the survivors. Savings rate shot up and it shows there are people that understand the next 5 to 10 years will not exactly be easy. Most parts of the world will not be skating through the next decade unscathed. This is why there needs to be more attention to the importance of adaptive behavior. If you look at the protests and the unaware public, the likelihood they avoid massive suffering is unlikely.

Protests erupting in Kenosha, Wisconsin is the next level everyone has been on the lookout for. The armed radical rise is further break down of the rule of law. Worse than previously. So the noise is more tension between rioters and extremists against police. But the signal is the break down of civil society. We are witnessing it in slow motion. In the region from Milwaukee, Kenosha to Chicago, presents a possible base case for the first breakdown of law and order. That region is high risk of already growing white flight 2.0 and fiscal debt that they can’t fix even if they are take bail out money. Financially the metro region will not climb out of their holes, which will result in abandonment by citizens who are able. 

Hopefully the winter comes sooner to halt protests, which will probably be a strategy that divides riot prone cities. In the United States, regions that have harsh long winters will have obviously lower riots resulting in lower risk of violent crime and murder. Unfortunately, the curve region from the Pacific Northwest, to the south west, and to the south east, the window of violence can be year round. Many citizens to everyone’s surprise are still unaware of the oncoming unrest that will engulf the nation. You can still see them skipping around with their unemployment benefits just living as if everything will go back to normal. If these people have not figured it out by now, there is nothing else you can do. It seems trying to help reason with many people just backfires. It’s exactly as Morpheus said, “some people are not ready to be free”.


In fact, if you look at history don’t you ever wonder why didn’t people do this? Or why didn’t they do that? It because while people are in an event or timeline, without situational awareness and exhibition of adaptive behavior, you are left behind. Survival of the fittest. What we are seeing now is nothing compared to what is starting very soon. The election will not be stopping the speeding freight train. One candidate will, however, get in front of the train to try and stop it. The rest of us will need to get behind and use all of our force to stop this train and it’s going to take a long time. The other candidate will for sure speed the train even faster towards the cliff. Towards communist collapse so the new authoritarian regime installment can fully be in place.

This is what the CCP is betting on. Literally, the focus on three different fronts that pose monumental risks of the survival of the regime. The United States, the Chinese people, and the factions within the CCP. They need a collapse of America to severely tilt the probability of surviving the Second Cold War. The United States stabilization and unity is crucial to the future of the western world and beyond. It’s the base for the blueprint of future human history. Everything hinges around what was once traditional American values and culture. If the United States propels into something like civil war, a large battle may be a loss, but the war is not. As winter is coming to the United States, how do you feel about American society by January 2021?

What we are seeing are people that are opportunistic and bored. Soon they will be starving and have no choice. This will push other citizens to the brink which will also leave them very little choice, but to protect themselves. This is why you want to make sure you have everything in order from location, supplies, and a plan. To reiterate, a region with winters and desirable demographics are some of the first things you should look for. Remaining in a city like Chicago, New York, or Seattle is very high risk. Even if you are in a region like Hollywood hills in Los Angeles, take a look at the map again. You are in the middle, where many leftists surround the region. Look at Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and on. The Western Los Angeles region is the center while around them are fertile rioters. 

Adaptive behavior

These surrounding areas a primed for a class war because they have been frustrated by gentrification for years now. Because of information suppression many don’t know that over the years in gentrifying neighborhoods there have been literal attacks and vandalism against trendy coffee shops and white owned businesses. And interestingly it is the white populace that appears either to be totally ignorant or in denial. Whatever the case, detail investigations are needed from yourself in order to figure out the truth. Knowing what might happen in a region is important for mitigating future violent protests. 

In addition to location awareness, understand the changing education system. If you have children understand a few blue states have state mandate for ushering in race equity. That means they will help black and brown students excel at the expense of white students. It has already been rolling out for some time. To make it worse, many schools in California in Hispanic dominant neighborhoods, do not teach in English, they teach in spanish. This point is made to further illustrate the purposeful divide of a society down to one of the most important unifier, language. The fabric of American society is ripping apart and knowing where and when will serve you greatly. Many are not ready in the mind to deal with abrupt forceful changes like we are going to see. Failure to address and build their adaptive behavior might cost them their families. 

The current signals from the markets are telling us it appears the top is nearing if it hasn’t already. It does seem there will be a dollar push above and will result a drop in equities, gold, cryptocurrency, and more. For those financially illiterate, get literate. Quickly. The stock market will likely drop as it did in March, maybe not as heavy, but definitely notably newsworthy globally. This means the likelihood for a Trump re-election might be at heavy risk since historically a faltering economy has been a reliable indicator of re-election. Regardless, don’t sit there hoping and thinking that a certain result of the election will result in a certain outcome. It is increasingly appearing that whatever the result of the election, there will be violence. In the mind of the domestic terrorists, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime.

Adaptive behavior

It’s also entirely possible many more Americans will join their ranks because data is now showing through many jobs are not coming back. Businesses will not be coming back. In fact, jobs and businesses will increase in loss and bankruptcy. For those people at the brink of breaking, if they lose their jobs and businesses after seeing all the loans to bailout zombie companies, they will snap. Regions in the west coast is a prime example of what’s possible in the near term. Look at the rioters getting arrested night after night. People are missing the details of these terrorists. Forget that they are getting arrested night after night with no persecution of the local government. We all learned they are not only irresponsible, but criminal and traitors. But the detail of how these terrorists have what it takes to go terrorize night after night. 

Think about that. Think about the drive to create terror after getting arrested again and again. Did they even eat meals in between, or did they get drugged up to go out immediately after they were released. Some of these people were getting arrested on average of four times. Night after night. Understand their motives, understand their determination. The pro American public needs to stop counting these individuals as milkshakes, kids, and mom’s basement dwellers. If they were, they are now graduating to domestic terrorists. Antifa and Black Lives Matter BLM is now being recognized as domestic terror groups. Those that do not see this and adapt to this new threat that will not disappear, will not likely thrive. People don’t understand a first world dropping to civil conflict. They don’t understand that just because you lived comfortably it doesn’t mean figments of that fabric continues.

In order to survive what might be coming to American society one must be able to visualize the possible scenarios. Possible day to day living. Best ways to do this is to read past stories of survivors of communist takeovers and national collapses. But to shotgun this process for the sake of time I will help you and will lean to the extreme side of this to better bolster your paranoia. The more paranoid the higher the safety. After all, taking the worst case scenario into account and preparing for that means you will be prepared for everything else. If you do not have the capacity to imagine such scenarios, you have lived a good comfortable life. But it’s not all lost for you. Ask the Venezuelans that recently came to America, they can help paint your imagination. 

Adaptive behavior

Imagine the television show The Walking Dead where people don’t have food and money because they have no job. Are the cities all diseased and tortured? Maybe, but certainly we are witnessing some cities going down that way like Portland, Seattle, and on. You need to buy food because you ran out of supplies so you leave your home early in the morning. You are getting increasingly anxious, but you see your sleeping children and leave your home. Passing by hurting homeless, struggling street businesses, and desolate boarded shopping centers have made you numb. Remembering back to the past life may hurt from time to time. But what made you stronger was surviving what did not kill you. And there, is the grocery center. 

As you walk through the empty isles to the isles with items only in the front row you finally get to it. Generic donuts. You made promises for luxury item snacks to your kids last time, so this time is a must. Seventeen Dollars. It’s worth it, because sometimes when the world is falling apart, hopeful times help a lot. But you quickly hear chanting, store employees and customers scramble immediately. The chanting gets louder. As you exit the store right before you’re caught, you find a old broken and burnt furniture off to the side keeping you hidden. But before you leave, you wait to see what happens as you always do, to stay aware. To gain more intel and increase building your adaptive behavior.

Off to the distance are roving packs of communists and black supremacist groups demanding allegiance. They grab the two white families. As automatic racists without due process or with any sensible evidence. The victims are made to pledge their loyalty. Fortunately, both families kneel and raise their fists. If people haven’t learn about authoritarians while things were crashing recently, definitely after collapse they will learn. Even then, few family members still get battered a bit. Though nothing unusual, as this is common, the new normal. Violence is the new norm no matter how small. The pain swelling in your throat makes you come to tears. But you know you are helpless in this scenario. Things have gotten so far there only some battles you have to choose.

Adaptive behavior

But something out of the extraordinary happens. Something unique. Something people only witnessed once in a blue moon, but now it’s been happening more and more. In the kneeling crowd of the hopeless… a boy rises. In his hand he holds a relic long been banned as it was deemed treasonous. He slowly pulls out of his pocket a flag, the old American flag. Stitched together stripes of reds and whites, with miniature plastic white stars sown on a patch of blue. Your anger is filled with surprise. This heroism is rare nowadays. Unfortunately, public displays of freedom are banned and you hear the innocent civilians scream. The gut begins to tighten as the boy is ripped away from his family and taken away for racist rehab education. The father and mother heavily fined and taken away as well. Then… everyone goes back to business as usual.

Events like these are now becoming casual and citizens are losing their memories of peace. Unfortunately many fall in pits of authoritarian punishment and can only see pain and suffering as far as their eyes can see. But not you. You’ve made it. There you are at the table watching your kids eat the hard earned generic donuts you risked your life to get. It’s during these times citizens can think and imagine the possibilities. The risks. The sacrifice that might be necessary no matter how treacherous the path is. You understand the importance of newer life coming into this world. And it hurts. To know the true reality that many parents like yourself maybe won’t make it and maybe neither your kids… the swelling in your throat returns. But you sit with the pain, as you did before again and again.

People have to understand this is possible. Otherwise we all will reach a point of no return. People have to understand your world is totally affected by the outside, not completely safe in your bubble reality. The mistake or remaining in denial while domestic terrorists and totalitarian takeover is happening, will be a cost gifted to later generations. I’m sure by now many Americans and beyond are coming to conclusions that something needs to be done. If not by authorities and politicians in power, than maybe by the people themselves. To relinquish your principles or to embrace your values. To surrender with shame or to fight with honor. Stand or kneel.

Beware, beware, the rise of freedom fighters around the world.

… And after you enjoy your special donut time with your kids they run off to play. You see the risk of never seeing them again. You see the backs of your children and realize the true harshness of the world. That it might come down to you or them. And so you head into your work room, close the door behind you, and you begin to work. You begin to stitch together stripes of reds and whites, with miniature plastic white stars sown on a patch of blue. 


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Author: Peter Samuel Kim

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