Supporters Line Up Several Hours Before President Trump’s Rally in Michigan Tonight (VIDEO) – Zone News 24

Supporters lined up several hours before President Trump was set to arrive in Freeland, Michigan for a rally.

President Trump is holding a rally Thursday evening at 7 PM local time at Avflight Saginaw at the MBS International Airport.

There is a fun, festive tailgate-like atmosphere more than 8 hours before Trump is set to hold his rally.


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Tailgate party!


Sleepy Joe was in Michigan on Wednesday and arrived to a crowd of Trump supporters chanting “Four more years!”

Biden spoke to a handful of reporters sitting in social distancing circles then hurried away from the podium after struggling through his speech.

Joe Biden is faring worse than Crooked Hillary in Michigan this year — a state President Trump won in 2016.

Hillary held a 3.6 point lead over Donald Trump in Michigan on election day 2016 — 47.0 to 43.4.

Biden holds a 3.2 point lead over Trump this year according to a bias polls.

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