President Trump’s SCOTUS Picks are very Conservative, Signals end of Roe V. Wade, Would Biden Choose Obama or Hillary?

President Donald J. Trump flexed his “Conservative muscle” again and added 20 names of people to his list for Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States.

In 2016 Conservatives had a hard time trusting candidate Trump, because he was unfamiliar to them, however, the one place where Trump strikes a positive chord with Conservatives is with his Conservative Judge picks.

On Wednesday, Trump announced some including his former Primary challenger, Republican-Conservative Ted Cruz from Texas, who has long talked about the importance of the Supreme Court:

Citing the great responsibility of the next president in appointing Supreme Court justices, and likely determining the future of the court and the country, President Trump announced 20 new additions to his list of potential justices.

Promising the next appointee, if he is given the opportunity to select one, will come from the list, President Trump read off the new additions and their resumes.

The media was mostly disinterested, and didn’t ask much about the Judges or the choices, preferring to talk about the latest bit of gossip from earlier in the day designed to hurt Trump.

Trump’s list included Senators Tom Cotton, Cruz, and Josh Hawley, Judges, Attorney Generals,and others.


Cruz responded immediately with:

Cotton Responded.

By far the left’s most passionate nightmare is the end of Roe V. Wade which was the landmark case that made “abortion rights” a federal issues. Conservatives have long wanted the “right” to abortion to be on State Ballots as a State issues. The left is highly worried about that, because in fact Abortion is not favored by the majority of Americans.

Conservative Cotton waded right into the controversy and posted right away:

Hawley responded:

Trump challenged Biden to put up a list of people he would consider for Justices, and Democrat Presidential hopeful Joe Biden has not yet responded. We will update if he does.

Democrats like Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer turned to Twitter to Gaslight Americans and spread disinformation about Trump’s picks, rejecting the concept that if Americans didn’t like the picks they wouldn’t vote for Trump.

People had some fun with the idea of what Democrat hopeful, Biden’s list would look like:

However the truth is that numerous Democrat social media activists already were hopeful for a lifelong appointment for former President Barack Obama, and perhaps even former secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

That could explain Clinton’s desperate campaigning for Biden, when she did not campaign this hard for her own Presidential race:

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