China infiltrates US education; Portland Dem staffer arrested in riot; Senate: stimulus bill fails

NTD Evening News-9/10/2020
1.Trump Gives Virus Update on Jobs, Schools
2. DC: Senate Fails to Advance Stimulus Bill
3. Portland Dem Staffer Arrested in Riot
4. Guardian Angels Patrol Portland Amid Riots
5. Oregon Gov. Seeks Federal Aid for Fire
6. DOJ Charges 50 for Looting PPP Funds
7. Report: How the CCP Targets US Education
8. Biden Talks ‘Made in America’ Plan in Michigan
9. Indoor Dining Returns to NYC This Month
10. Officer Recounts 9/11 Rescue Operation
11. Xi Jinping Copies Hong Kong Protester’s Slogan
12. Pompeo: Beijing’s Hypocrisy on Free Press
13. China: Officials Manipulate Public Opinion
14. US Seizes Fake Apple Products From China
15. Expert: Huawei Is Shrinking in Europe
16. Century 21 Files for Bankruptcy
17. NYC Has ‘Record Month’ of Empty Apartments
18. EU Threatens Legal Action Against UK
19. UK Hearing Postponed, No Bail for Assange
20. Weeks After Explosion: Beirut Port on Fire
21. Pandemic Redesigns New York Fashion Week
22. 100+ Carat Diamond to Go on Auction in HK

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