Xi Jinping’s advisor investigated; 2.5 miles of dead fish appear on Southern Chinese beach

Disney’s $200M live-action ‘Mulan’ is facing global backlash. Its star publicly supported Hong Kong police during pro-democracy protests, and its producer thanked the Public Security Bureau of Xinjiang region, where millions of Uyghurs are being held in camps.

The Chinese regime held a ceremony to honor its medical staff for fighting the pandemic. But Chinese netizens noticed one person’s name was missing from the awards list. A Chinese military scientist claims her vaccine can handle all virus mutations. But one expert is casting doubt.

In Google Maps’ Street View, some pro-democracy graffiti in Hong Kong is found to be blurred. And Beijing said Hong Kong never had ‘separation of powers’, its autonomy was granted by Beijing.

And amid tense relations between Australia and China, two Australian correspondents were rushed out of China Monday night. One of them said, ‘it’s a relief to be back in a country with genuine rule of law.’

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