US issues new measures against China’s diplomats; CCP spokesman blasted for controversial remarks

China’s agriculture has been hit hard by floods, drought, and a locust plague. Now a plant-based disease is wreaking havoc on the country’s wheat crops.

Hong Kong police are making a new round of arrests this Wednesday. And in the US, young New Yorkers show their support for their Hong Kong peers.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson facing backlash from Chinese netizens. This, after a speech he gave last week that was intended for US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The result? – Many Chinese citizens were irritated.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo advances reciprocity for US-China relations. He established new rules Chinese diplomats would have to follow. He also laid out a plan for universities in their dealings with China.

And the Department of Defense issued its yearly report to Congress. The 200-page report says China is looking to strengthen it’s overseas military presence, which could target Taiwan and beyond.

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