US college expels 15 Chinese scholars; New alliance to counter China; China flood: 17ft in 24 hrs

Another round of flooding has drenched Southwestern China. At Yangtze River’s Chongqing section, the water level rose an additional 17 feet within 24 hours.

15 Chinese scholars visiting the U.S. lost their jobs and visas in one day. The hosting university cut ties with the CCP-backed agency that funds them.

The U.S. is seeking to form a NATO-like defense alliance in the India-Pacific region with the aim of countering China.

The mayor of a Prague district wrote an angry letter to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, calling him an "unmannered rude clown!" after Wang threatened Czech’s Senate speaker, who is visiting Taiwan right now.

And the U.S. is launching new economic talks with Taiwan. A state department official said the U.S. is making significant adjustments to its relations with the island.

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