“She’s Barely Literate and She’s Offended by Me Saying That” – Zone News 24

Candace Owens went on with Tucker Carlson on Monday to discuss her online feud and public spanking of rapper Cardi B. this weekend.

On Sunday Cardi B. went after Candace Owens on Instagram. It was a huge mistake. Candace Owens destroyed her for her ignorance on politics and mostly illiterate rantings.

It was harsh.
Cardi B. later deleted her Instagram messages to Candace after having her ass handed to her.

On Monday Candace Owens continued to completely destroy Joe Biden’s interview partner.
This was really brutal.

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Candace Owens: I did not mean it as an insult to Cardi B. If anything it was me calling out the DNC and Democrats for insulting black America for platforming her and her nonsense and her ignorance as someone viable to give a sound interview to Joe Biden… She had no argument and she could not argue with me obviously from an intellectual standpoint… She is barely literate and she’s offended by me saying that but she’s already proven that I was correct in that assessment by her responses to me… I would challenge Joe Biden to read the lyrics of her song aloud… She says she wants her taxes lowered in the very same breathe that she says she wants free universal healthcare for all. It sounded to me like an 8-year-old girl reading a Santa list.


Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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