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The Democrats took a big gamble and lost.

They supported, encouraged, and then ignored riots, or “peaceful protests” as they called them, in hopes that the civil unrest would be blamed on Trump, and the left would be “energized” to vote after seeing all the “protests” in the streets.

That didn’t work.

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The country saw a non-stop slew of horrifying videos of violence, hate, and even murder from the savage left…it started in the downtown areas and has branched out into the suburbs and restaurants.

Trump has been offering help, but the TDS elected officials in these liberal-run hell-holes keep rejecting it, allowing their citizens to suffer, and the American people have taken notice and Biden has slipped in the polls, big time.

Meanwhile, liberal outlets like have a message for whites living in the suburbs who are scared of the BLM mob: SUCK IT UP and DEAL WITH IT.

If you’re a white person living in the suburbs of a major city and worrying about whether protesters might do damage to your property or person, I’ve got some news for you: You’re a coward. It should go without saying that Black Lives Matter and it should further go without saying that white property matters less, but home ownership does wild things to the morality and paranoia of white families. If you have a little house in a suburb like me — or a big house for that matter — it’s a good time to remind yourself of one very important thing: You don’t get to opt out of citizenship.

Also, and this is more of a practical point, most protesters are non-violent. And even among the small subset of protesters who are employing violence, few do some randomly. If you don’t live in a police precinct, shut the fuck up. If you do, send me an email. I want to hear that story.

What’s even more amazing, is that Dem strategists are now “confused” and in panic mode, as they see Biden’s “suburban support” disappear.

From Politico

Interviews with more than two dozen Democratic Party officials and strategists in the suburbs reflect confidence in Biden’s ability to compete with Trump on issues surrounding this summer’s civil unrest, but also widespread concerns about the political volatility — and potential allure — of the president’s law-and-order message.

In Pinal County, Ariz., where “Thin Blue Line” flags have proliferated outside Phoenix and Tucson, Holly Lyon, chair of the local Democratic Party, said, “There is that little sort of unsettled feeling in people because we can tell that [Trump’s messaging] is grabbing hold, and it’s working.”

“How this plays out in the election, that’s where people are all over the map,” said Joseph Foster, chair of the Democratic Party in Montgomery County, Pa., in the Philadelphia suburbs. “No one seems to know what that’s going to entail, or how people are going to react.”


One of the strategists described a focus group in which white, college-educated women reacted to the protests by discussing their own property values and, in one woman’s case, her family’s mortgage.

“White women who have college degrees are starting to really get sick of this,” the strategist said.

Some state polls are showing signs of it. In Pennsylvania, a critical swing state, a Monmouth University poll released last week found that Biden’s lead over Trump had narrowed statewide, and that Trump was leading Biden by 2 percentage points in 10 swing counties, including some Philadelphia suburbs, erasing a large advantage Biden had built there earlier this year.

But the news might be worse than they even realize…

Brandon Morse from Red State says the situation is actually even worse than Dem strategists think it is. He says that there’s evidence to suggest that Democrats have already lost the suburbs. Last week, reports about a group of voters called the “shy” voter came up and noted that many voters are too afraid to come forward and give their true feelings about the Democratic party. The civil unrest brought on by the left and the constant stream of videos showing leftists doing everything from forcing restauranteurs into agreeing with them to executing Trump supporters in the streets has driven them further into silence.

This silence is only kept outside of the voting booth and research has predicted that Trump actually has a three-point bump in the polls going unreported at minimum.


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