China selling facial recognition data; China interfering most in US election: top official | NTD

00:00 Chinese Online Stores Sells Facial Recognition Data
In China, facial recognition technology has been integrated into even the most basic facets of everyday life. It’s raised long-time concerns over government surveillance. But recent Chinese media reports show the data is easily leaked, and often snatched by criminals.

02:50 China Has Biggest Program to Interfere in Election, Says Top US Official
According to National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, “the biggest failure of American foreign policy over the past 40 years is how we dealt with China.” He also spoke of China’s large role in trying to influence the November election. "We know that the Chinese have taken the most active role."

04:00 White House Asks Agencies to Detail All China-Related Funding
The White House has asked U.S. government agencies for extensive details of any funding that seeks to counter China’s global influence and business practices, or support Beijing, amid growing tensions between Washington and Beijing.

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