Typhoon Haishen Batters Amami Islands in Southern Japan

Typhoon Haishen Batters Amami Islands in Southern Japan

Typhoon Haishen batters Amami Oshima island, the largest island in the Amami archipelago in southern Japan, Sunday, September 6, unleashing strong winds and rains.
READ MORE: Japan ordered 1.8 million people to evacuate as a powerful typhoon bashed the southern part of the country Sunday.

Typhoon Haishen brought strong winds and rain to remote southern islands of Japan Sunday but appeared to be weakening slightly as it approached the island of Kyushu. Authorities still warned that the storm could bring record levels of rainfall and result in landslides.

Tens of thousands of homes have already lost power, Reuters reported.

"This typhoon is headed toward and may potentially make landfall in Kyushu, bringing record rains, winds, waves and high tides," Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at a meeting with Cabinet ministers earlier in the day.

"I am asking that people exercise the utmost caution."

The typhoon could move on to the Korean Peninsula, Japan’s meteorological agency said Sunday. The news comes as North Korea still grapples with the effects of Typhoon Maysak last week. (AFP/VOA)
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