Large Protests in Belarus Against Lukashenko Persist

Large Protests in Belarus Against Lukashenko Persist

Tens of thousands took to the streets of Minsk, Belarus, Sunday, September 6, the latest in nearly a month of demonstrations following disputed elections that left longtime president Alexander Lukashenko in power.
READ MORE: Human rights groups have said at least 70 protesters were detained Sunday.

Lukashenko, in power since 1994, claimed victory in elections August 9. Opposition parties, along with the United States and the European Union, say the poll was heavily rigged.

More than 7,000 protesters have been arrested, and widespread evidence of abuse and torture has been reported. At least four people were reported to have died during the demonstrations.

Belarus’ main opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya has been in Lithuania since the election for what she says is her own safety.

In an interview with VOA, Tsikhanouskaya said she is working to organize new elections despite Lukashenko’s refusal to do so.

“Our plan is absolutely clear. It’s organization of new elections, fair and transparent,” she said.

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