Faith Inspires Vietnamese Man to Grow 5-Meter Dreadlock

Faith Inspires Vietnamese Man to Grow 5-Meter Dreadlock

Vietnam’s Nguyen Van Chien has gone almost 80 years without a haircut.

The 92-year-old from the southern Mekong Delta region sports a thick dreadlock that is five meters long because he adheres to a near-obsolete faith that prescribes leaving untouched what a person is born with. The tip of the dreadlock is a reminder of the sleek black hair of Chien’s youth and it gradually fades to an almost-platinum white at the roots. 

"I believe if I cut my hair I will die. I see it that way so I dare not to change anything, not even combing it," Chien told Reuters in his village about 80 kilometers west of Ho Chi Minh City.

Chien, who lives in a small wooden house, worships nine powers and seven gods. He believes it is his calling to grow his hair and he keeps his thick, matted hair dry and coiled neatly atop his head, covered by a cloth hat.


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