Firefighters Rescued By Helicopter in California

Firefighters Rescued By Helicopter in California

Two firefighters were rescued, Saturday, August 22, after a fast-moving fire trapped them in the Point Reyes National Seashore, about 50 kilometers north of San Francisco.
READ MORE: Firefighters battling the record-setting blazes in northern California got a huge break Monday when gusty winds eased, and a major lightning storm that had been predicted failed to strike but officials say the danger is far from over.

More that 600 wildfires, most ignited by earlier lightning storms and aggravated by hot, winds blowing over dry landscapes are burning largely north of San Francisco.

Officials estimate nearly half-a-million hectares of land has burned so far – an area bigger than the state of Rhode Island.

At least seven deaths have been reported and many residents were forced to flee their homes with little but the clothes they were wearing. Some people have been allowed back to see what is left of their houses and businesses.

The fires have cast a blanket of smoke and haze over much of the San Francisco Bay area.

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