Man threatens people with machete, charges at police, gets shot. ‘Activists’ say the officer shot ‘too much’.

MIAMI, FL – Police in Miami shot a machete-wielding man within a residential neighborhood on August 21, according to reports.

Now activists argue that footage captured via a Ring security camera ‘proves’ the shooting was not justified.

The 27-year-old suspect was shot by police after calls came in about a man threatening bystanders with a machete within the 10800 block of Southwest 126th Avenue, according to police.

Detective Alvaro Zabaleta from the Miami-Dade Police explained the interaction between the suspect and officers who responded:

“[The suspect] was walking around waving the machete and threatening passersby. That’s what initiated the call. [The officers] attempted several times to have him put down the machete, they tried to de-escalate the situation.

“Unfortunately, he did not comply and then charged one of the uniformed officers.”

Video footage that was captured by the Ring security camera shows the suspect pacing toward the officer, with the machete still in hand after there were commands for the suspect to drop the weapon.

During the video, while the suspect points the large blade at the officer, you can hear the suspect say:

“Dios está contigo y conmigo.”

The phrase means “God is with you and me.” Under the circumstances, the suspect saying that is rather alarming.

The video shows that three shots were fired after the suspect didn’t comply with the lawful order and kept pacing toward the officer. After two shots were fired, you can see the suspect fall to the ground. Approximately one second after the second shot was fired, you can hear a third round expelled from the officer’s firearm.

However, while the video shows the man going to the ground when the third round was fired, the quality of the available video makes it unclear as to any sort of visible movements the suspect was making while going to the ground.

According to reports, the suspect is not deceased and is listed in stable condition after being transported to Kendall Regional Medical Center’s Trauma Center.

The unidentified woman who provided the video of the officer-involved shooting believes that police shouldn’t have fired upon the man while he was going down.

Detective Zabaleta explained that when a suspect is waving a machete around in a residential community, there’s a huge level of concern regarding the safety of those in the area:

“Daylight, inside a community, a residential area — where there are children in the area — and you have somebody waving a machete, it is a great danger to the community. And thankfully, these officers were able to respond rather quickly.”

Police officials have yet to comment on the contents of the captured video. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is currently investigating the shooting, which is standard protocol with any officer-involved shooting in the state.

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Blade-wielding suspects can be quite the threat towards officers responding to calls, like this incident that happened in Phoenix, Arizona in mid-June.

The Phoenix Police Department recently released the body cam footage from the officer-involved shooting back in June, where a female officer non-fatally shot a suspect who was chasing her with a knife.

Accompanied with the released footage was a press release affording further details on the incident that took place on June 14.

Phoenix PD identified the suspect involved in the case as 55-year-old Jon David Brouseau.

In the newly released footage of the incident that Law Enforcement Today reported on back in June, Phoenix PD shared the playback of the 911 call originally received that led to the officer being dispatched. The female caller reported that a man inside the Asiana Market was armed with a knife and threatening people.

That is when the female officer responded to the area and confronted Brouseau.

During the video, you can see from the officer’s perspective that Brouseau is continuously disregarding her orders to drop the knife – and Brouseau even goes as far as to threaten to cut her throat and begins to run toward the officer.

The video shows the officer firing a single shot, hitting Brouseau and causing him to go to the ground. Additional units were said to have responded to the scene and were able to detain Brouseau and get him medical attention.

According to police, Brouseau is expected to survive the injury sustained during the encounter and will be charged with aggravated assault for the incident.

As of this time, the officer involved in the shooting has not been named. Phoenix PD noted that the department will not comment on whether the office-involved shooting was within policy or not until a complete investigation has occurred. 


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