DNC 2020 – Reality TV for Oligarchs

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The DNC Convention was this week. It is an opportunity for the Democrats to expand their voting base as they head into an election against a Republican demagogue. Lee takes advantage of several opportunities to lambast the hypocrisy of the Obamas, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and several Republicans who received more speaking time at the convention than the popular candidate from their primary, Bernie Sanders.

Also in this episode:

Natalie McGill reports on Blackstone Finance’s purchase of Ancestry.com. This would mean that the largest private equity investment firm in the world owns a database of the public’s genetic info. Their promise not to take advantage of that data doesn’t make anyone feel more comfortable. Anders Lee & Lee sit down to discuss what’s happening inside the Biden/Harris campaign, a coordinated attack on a Massachusetts progressive including College Dems, and more.
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