Julian Assange Prosecution an “Abomination” Says Former CIA Man

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Lee interviews former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern. He co-created Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) to expose how intelligence was being falsified to justify war on Iraq. The activists behind VIPS have played a role in unraveling the lies that we’re told by our government on a daily basis. A VIPS report after the 2016 election found that the data leak exposing DNC emails must have come from inside the DNC. Lee and McGovern discuss Julian Assange, the ever-collapsing Russiagate narrative, and more from the Intelligence world.

Also in this show: Naomi Karavani reports on a new policing pseudo-science that lets cops receive a training in identifying liars and then use that skill to harass the public. The evidence behind these practices isn’t convincing but that has never stopped our police state from implementing a damaging procedure before. Anders Lee finishes off the episode by looking back at a 1970’s labor strike from US Postal Service employees that could inform this moment in history.

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