Feminists in Mexico March for Justice

Feminists in Mexico March for Justice

Feminist activists took to the streets of Mexico City on Sunday, August 17, to protest gender violence and inequality.

Miguel Barrera, founder of the human rights group Marabunta Brigade that organized the march said the demonstration was to highlight the killing of women in general and recent cases of violence against women.

Protesters were holding banners reading: "Do not touch me". "Why is violence not in quarantine?" "Femicide Mexico" and chanting slogans against sexual assaults against women.

A strong female police force that almost quadrupled that of protesters were present as the demonstrators marched through the streets of the city.

Although the march was generally peaceful, a clash between some demonstrators and police erupted and at least one demonstrator was injured.

According to official data, 3,825 women died because of violence in 2019, averaging more than 10 per day, an increase of 7% compared to 2018.

A significant majority of all crimes in Mexico are not unpunished.


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