Incessant Rains Inundate India’s Diamond Hub, Surat

Incessant Rains Inundate India’s Diamond Hub, Surat

The situation in India’s Surat city, the country’s diamond hub, has been grim for days, as incessant rainfall isn’t allowing floodwater to recede.

Aerial visuals of the city taken, Sunday, August 16, show water logging in most areas of the city in the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with submerged buildings, vehicles and trees.

Local opposition leader, Aslam Cyclewala said, "This is the fifth day since the people of Surat have been living in such troubles. There is water logging of up to 15 feet in people’s houses."

Other regions of the country also faced similar situations as residential areas, forests and agricultural lands were flooded and people were forced to move out.


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