Locals Attempt to Contain Oil Spill Threatening Mauritius

Locals Attempt to Contain Oil Spill Threatening Mauritius

Hundreds of people gathered, Sunday, August 9, on the shores of Mauritius to try to contain a nearby oil spill threatening the ecosystem.
READ MORE: The owner of the Japanese ship that ran aground off Mauritius spilling about 1,000 metric tons of oil apologized for what environmentalists are calling a major ecological disaster.

“We apologize profusely and deeply for the great trouble we have caused,” Akihiko Ono, the head of Mitsui OSK Lines, said Sunday in Tokyo.

Ono promised the company will “do everything in its power to resolve the issue.”

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced it was sending a disaster-relief team to Mauritius

“We hope that this assistance will contribute to recovery of the environment of Mauritius and prevention of marine pollution,” the ministry said.

France is also sending aid. The Indian Ocean island of Mauritius is a former French colony.
LINK: https://www.voanews.com/africa/japanese-ship-operator-apologizes-oil-spill-mauritius

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