Iowa Teachers Set a New Standard of COVID Stupidity. It Involves Obituaries …

Teachers’ unions all need to be busted. Period. Because the way they are trying to hold students hostage and using the pandemic as an excuse is disgusting (see LA TEACHERS UNION WILL ONLY REOPEN SCHOOLS IF WE … ELIMINATE CHARTER SCHOOLS AND DEFUND THE POLICE and TEXAS WANTS TO REOPEN SCHOOLS AND TEACHERS CLAIM THEY ARE NOW ‘WRITING OUT THEIR WILLS’). Which now, besides not wanting to go back to the classroom, they also don’t want to do remote teaching either. Because, and I quote, “Many teachers have expressed anxiety about how they and their homes would look on camera during live teaching.

The latest stunt brings us to Iowa, where to protest classroom learning, teachers are sending the governor their obituaries.

The movement started after art teacher Jeremy Dumkreiger, who helped start the Facebook group Iowa Educators for a Safe Return to School, shared his self-authored obituary in an op-ed for the local news blog Iowa Starting Line. In the July 16 post, Dumkreiger called on other teachers to write their obituaries to “demand Gov. Reynolds declare a statewide school mask mandate.”

“If we do not require this mask mandate, we risk the chance of driving our teachers and schools into the ground, literally,” he wrote.

Yesterday, my one-year-old wanted a cookie. We told him he had had enough cookies. So he threw himself to the ground, crying and flailing his arms and legs. That was less dramatic than these adults from Iowa who are entrusted with teaching our children.

If teachers don’t want to work, it’s really simple. They should stop getting paid, because they shouldn’t keep collecting a check while everyone else is forced to suffer. Parents should then get their school taxes refunded to cover the cost of educating their children in this new normal. Most importantly, all teachers scared for their lives about being in a building with other people should be mandated to have a contact tracing app installed on their smartphones for their own safety. I know schools are germ factories. So are restaurants, bars, and political protests.

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