Joe Rogan and Post Malone Get Stoned and Blast the Government Mandates on Mask-Wearing

The talk show genre has had a number of iconic moments. Dick Gregory being the first black man to sit on the couch at the Tonight Show. Jay Leno interviewing Hugh Grant after the actor was caught being serviced by a hooker. Now we have Joe Rogan and Post Malone getting highAF on mushrooms and doing an almost four-hour podcast. Here they are challenging the government on masks, arresting you for opening gyms, and encouraging snitching.

Joe Rogan and Post Malone Tackle Mandatory Mask Ordinances

They’re arresting people for keeping gyms open. The same people who didn’t arrest the looters.

They were paying people to snitch on people [for not wearing masks]. “Ordinarily snitches get stitches, but now snitches get rewards.”

We can debate whether you should wear a mask or not. Personally, I think it’s a simple courtesy, but I don’t think you are a good or bad person if you disagree. But we’re all in agreement that government mandating it and fining if you don’t wear a mask is scary and no bueno. Also, and this may be because I don’t do ‘shrooms, I never made the connection between all the ‘rona things government will arrest you for, yet they DON’T arrest you for looting. Just as long as you’re looting while having the right political opinion. When we talk about how we’re not all in this together and our leaders are abusing our trust by picking and choosing who they enforce laws on, that’s a perfect example.

EXIT QUESTION: Did anyone make it through the entire interview? And in one sitting? I may try it over the weekend. I never tripped and my pot-smoking days ended when I stopped hanging with friends who were always holding. But maybe if I throw back a few four-packs of Nooners I can get through it.

The Government is Scarier than COVID! | Louder with Crowder

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