Cypress Hill Frontman Drops Truth on Communism: No One Who Escaped It Wants to Go Back

There are two groups of people to listen to about communism. One group is leftist politicians and college students. The other group is people who have actually lived through it or have family members who did (see UFC 251’S JORGE MASVIDAL EXPOSES THE TRUTH ABOUT COMMUNISM and VENEZUELAN WOMAN EXPLAINS WHY LEFTISTS TEARING DOWN STATUES SHOULD SCARE EVERYONE). Count B-Real, frontman of the legendary Cypress Hill, in the latter group. His mother escaped being a prisoner under Castro, and as luck would have it, he’s being interviewed by someone whose parents escaped communist Russia. So that’s TWO warnings about communism for the price of one.

I skipped past the pot-smoking part to get right to the communism part. This isn’t usually a sticky icky icky audience, but if that’s how you get down, feel free to start from the beginning.

B-Real on His Mother Escaping from a Cuban Prison (Part 1)

“But Brodigan, that was the wrong kind of communism. The bad kind. No one has done communism the right way yet.”

Because there’s no right way to do communism. It’s the opposite of eating a Reese’s peanut butter cup. There is only the bad kind of communism. The communist kind of communism. Period.

Side note, I would never call myself a hip-hop head, but it you have even a marginal interest in the music or the genre, I can’t recommend VladTV enough. He’s a great interviewer who gets compelling interviews out of everyone.

PROPAGANDA: MIT Publishes “Communism” For Kids | Louder With Crowder

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