Alyssa Milano Has a Twitter Meltdown, Rants About Joe Rogan and Other Insanity

Donald Trump has broken many a celebrity over the past four years. Frankly, it’s been a highlight of his first term. But I’m not sure he has crushed the hopes and dreams of anyone more than Alyssa Milano. As someone who first discovered girls thanks to Tony Danza taking a job as a maid, you almost hate to see it (see ALYSSA MILANO IS UPSET CONSERVATIVES ARE ‘WEAPONIZING’ CANCEL CULTURE BECAUSE ONLY SHE IS ALLOWED TO DO THAT and ALYSSA MILANO GOES ON ‘SEX STRIKE’ TO PROTEST ANTI-ABORTION LAWS). The — I guess she’s still technically an “actress” — was feeling particularly “woe is me” and had a complete meltdown vented over what’s been ailing her to her adoring fans.

Then, for unknown reasons, she took a shot at Joe Rogan.

Well, maybe that’s because Joe Rogan provides value and attracts guests from all walks of life, whom he engages with in conversations people want to hear. Meanwhile, Milano hasn’t provided value since Poison Ivy 2. Maybe it’s a political thing and she hates him because he lets people express different opinions. Or maybe it’s jealousy that Rogan is getting highAF and swimming in a vault full of Spotify money like he’s Scrooge McDuck while her Charmed residuals have dried up. Either way, envy isn’t a good look.

Neither is famous people from any walk of life complaining about how rough their lives are. Maybe she still has a few stans who are sympathizing with her. But the rest of us have real problems and don’t need to hear it.

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