Viral Video Has Media Accusing NYPD of Kidnapping. But NYPD has a Different Story…

Here’s a helpful bit of advice as you navigate the internets. If leftists claim that one of their comrades was thrown into an unmarked van for no reason, there’s always a reason. There’s always more to the story. Because the left is trying to claim what happened in Portland (see DONALD TRUMP’S ‘UNIDENTIFIED SECRET POLICE’ IN PORTLAND? HERE’S WHAT THE MEDIA IS LEAVING OUT … and AN ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTER JUST EXPOSED WHAT THE LEFT WANTS TO HIDE ABOUT PORTLAND) is now happening in New York City. Which, of course, Bill de Blasio will totes buy into.

It starts with this video of a trans femme protester being thrown into a van. I don’t quite understand what trans femme means or why it is germane to what’s going down, but to each their own. The video was signal-boosted by MSNBC Serious Journalist Chris Hayes, just because he saw a thing on Twitter.

Here’s the rub, because there’s always two sides to every story. For someone, the important detail is “trans femme protester.” For others, the focus is more on the trans femme (I honestly don’t know how to pronoun here) was a criminal doing criminal things.

I know some of you are uncomfortable with the idea of an unmarked van. That’s fair, and I’d like to offer a compromise. Stop slashing the tires of marked vans and setting them on fire. Deal?

It’s become obvious that the idea of “Donald Trump’s Secret Police” is going to be the new talking point of leftist twats. Something to remember when you see a video like this, because 99.86% of the time, there is always more to the story.

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