Death of Prof. Mike Adams ruled a suicide

The years-long attacks on him took a toll.

Sad news. The death of UNC-Wilmington Professor Mike Adams has been ruled a suicide.

The New Hanover Sheriff’s Office has ruled that UNCW Professor Mike Adams died by suicide.

According to the agency’s spokesperson, Lt. Jerry Brewer, after an investigation by detectives and the medical examiner, “it was ascertained that Mr. Adams committed suicide with a single gunshot wound to the head.”

“No other people were in the home and foul play is not suspected,” he said.

Mark Steyn’s commentary, which we posted earlier today, is worth repeating:

He “seemed like” a happy warrior, but who knows? It’s a miserable, unrelenting, stressful life, as the friends fall away and the colleagues, who were socially distant years before Covid, turn openly hostile….

But either way, if you’re doing the heavy lifting on an otherwise abandoned front of the culture war, what you mostly hear, as Mike Adams did, is the silent majority’s silence – month in, month out….

And yet, if the facts are as they appear, a tireless and apparently “happy warrior” – exhausted by a decade of litigation, threats, boycotts, ostracization and more – found himself sitting alone – and all he heard in the deafening silence of the “silent majority” was his own isolation and despair. A terrible end for a brave man. Rest in peace.

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Author: William A. Jacobson

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