Dan Crenshaw’s 2020 Advice: The Left Tells You How Much They Hate America, So You Should Believe Them

When viewing the 2020 race, I suggest not viewing it as Trump vs. Biden. The traditional presidential campaign has turned into who aced their cognitive test better. It’s why a Sweet Meteor of Death/Any Functioning Adult ticket would probably poll real well right now. I agree with Dan Crenshaw (blah blah blah, red flag laws) who is encouraging people to keep their eyes on the big picture. Or in his case, eye. View 2020 as the broader contest between the two sides, and when one of those sides is openly telling you how much they hate America, we should listen to them.

Crenshaw on 2020 election: We have to listen to what the Dems are telling us


As someone who isn’t the world’s biggest Trump fan, this is what I focus on. Biden is completely out of the question. It’s a matter of voting Trump or writing in Dave Portnoy or Kanye West. Also, I have the benefit of being a conservative in New York, so it’s not like my vote counts in the first place. But the left has made it clear who they are and how little they think about the country. They’ve made it clear that if you have a platform of any size and aren’t using it to validate their agenda, they will look to destroy you. They’ll throw police under the bus for a single political point, look the other way when their supporters are looting and destroying things, and eliminate freelance work just because unions give them lots and lots of money. Imagine them doing this with the White House and the Senate too.

Donald Trump may be a narcissist and a big jerkface, but at least he likes the country he is president of. The left has made it clear they hate the country they are living in and will “fundamentally destroy it” whether you like it or not. The election is in less than 100 days.

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