University of Arizona Students Will Face Suspension for Parties Due to Coronavirus Fears

“I hope it’s a wake-up call to our students not to engage in this type of selfish, reckless behavior.”

If ever there was a perfect time to take a gap year, 2020/2021 is it.

The Arizona Daily Star reports:

University of Arizona: Throw a party during pandemic, face suspension

University of Arizona students could face suspensions if they’re found in violation of health safety rules during the coronavirus pandemic, the administration says.

President Robert C. Robbins made the comments Thursday after acknowledging the administration is aware of social media posts claiming intentions to throw parties in town once classes resume Aug. 24.

“I hope it’s a wake-up call to our students not to engage in this type of selfish, reckless behavior. It’s not good for your own health, but more importantly it endangers others,” Robbins said during a news conference.

Robbins added that, “We will try to do the best we can to educate, and we’ve got measures up to suspension from school if you violate the rules that we’re setting. We don’t want to be so draconian about this, but this is life-and-death matters.”

The administration believes about 20,000 people may end up returning to the main campus.

The university will continue to monitor campus activities and rely on students within the UA’s Emergency Medical Services and the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health to help educate peers about health safety precautions.

There will be enhanced sanitizing of areas, lower class density, masks, physical distancing and other safeguards on campus, but the university will have much less control over what goes on when students are off campus.

Richard Carmona, UA’s re-entry task force leader, said they can “only control what we know about” around campus, and the onus is on each individual to make the best decisions to benefit themselves and the community.

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