Giants pitcher Sam Coonrod stands—alone—for National Anthem

Ted Cruz: “Be this guy”

Apparently, most major sports leagues and teams have jumped on the anti-American “kneel for the National Anthem” / #TakeAKnee bandwagon that was rejected a mere two years ago.

Times have changed, though, in the wake of the “George Floyd” riots, which weren’t really about Floyd at all (who even mentions him now?).

The kneeling nonsense was originally intended to protest America as a racist nation with racist systems and blah blah blah.  Once the Marxist BLM cult got involved, it turned into white people, police, public officials kneeling to (even washing the feet) of black people.

This was a bridge too far for some who insisted they kneel to no one but God.

It takes a great deal of courage to stand, alone, when your peers are kneeling like mindless, groveling sycophants, so it’s important to recognize them for their bravery.

As Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) notes, “be this guy.”

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