Trump to Struggling Parents: If Teachers Refuse to Do Their Job, You Should Have Your School Taxes Refunded

Trump to Struggling Parents: If Teachers Refuse to Do Their Job, You Should Have Your School Taxes Refunded

We are now on Day 217 of “15 days to flatten the curve.” Making sure our hospitals aren’t overwhelmed has turned into teachers’ unions saying they won’t go back to work as long as anyone can get sick ever, among other ways they are holding your child’s learning and development hostage until their terrorist demands are met (see LA TEACHERS UNION WILL ONLY REOPEN SCHOOLS IF WE … ELIMINATE CHARTER SCHOOLS AND DEFUND THE POLICE and TEXAS WANTS TO REOPEN SCHOOLS AND TEACHERS CLAIM THEY ARE NOW ‘WRITING OUT THEIR WILLS’). It’s going to be difficult to keep schools closed until the ‘rona is eradicated, especially when the only expert who matters just claimed it never will be. Some parents feel they should get at least some of the taxes they pay for schools that are refusing to open and teachers who are refusing to work refunded, to help cover the cost of the “new normal” way of educating their children. And they have someone on their side: President Trump.

Trump Says Parents Should Get Funding If Public Schools Are Closed

Here’s a tweet thread to serve as a companion. Call this the CliffsNotes version of what many parents in this country are thinking as the elites care more about their hatred of the president than about anything else. While a non-breeder myself, 90% of the people I talk to (from a safe six-foot distance) have at least 2.3 kids. They all feel some version of this.

I’d only add the following. Besides giving the funding back to parents, all teachers refusing to work should be mandated to install contact tracing apps on their phones. It would be for their own good, since they are so deeply afraid of going back to work and risking their lives for the economy that they are actually writing out their last wills and testaments. We wouldn’t want them going to bars or political protests where there might be germs, and this way we can hold them accountable.

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