As violence, anarchy and homicides explode – officials warn President: ‘Keep federal agents out of our cities.’

Baltimore, MD- As rioting, looting, and chaos continue across the U.S., President Trump promised to “quell” the violence, and he followed through, sending un-identified Federal Agents into Portland. 

This did not sit well with many, claiming they are violating citizens rights, “kidnapping” people, and using “military-like” tactics, which some are insisting is illegal. 

President Trump is not stopping at Portland. He has now said he is contemplating sending Federal Agents to Baltimore City, and Philadelphia, and officials are not happy. 

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby, and Philadelphia’s district attorney, Larry Krasner, are warning Trump not to intervene in the workings of their cities, or they will file criminal charges against the Federal Agents. 

Mosby and Krasner wrote a column in the Washington Post stating: 

“We strongly believe that the actions in Oregon are illegal. Should the president proceed with his plan in our cities, his agents will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,”

They went on to warn:

“Should Trump send federal agents who engage in the same illegal vigilante activities, unlawfully assaulting and kidnapping people, they will face criminal charges from our offices. The authority of city officials to prosecute federal law enforcement officials is clear. While 28 U.S. Code 1442 provides that federal law enforcement officers may remove such charges to federal court in limited circumstances, it does not stop the local prosecution. We do not believe that the agents in Portland came close to meeting the standard required to prevent local prosecution, and officers exhibiting such behavior in our cities are similarly unlikely to meet this threshold.”

Clearly the officials in these cities are enjoying the chaos that is ensuing night after night, because they are doing little to stop the situation. As President Trump offers a solution, threats are now being made against the officers. 

President Trump does not tend to scary easily, or back down from idle threats, so it is going to be interesting to see if he sends agents to these two cities, and ignores Mosby and Krasner’s warning.

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Here is more on the Federal Agents trying to take back Portland. 

PORTLAND, OR– Since the end of May, Portland has seen an exuberant amount of violence on its streets. Protesters are venturing out daily to stir up trouble wherever they can. This is in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

Due to the fact that it is currently taboo to allow law enforcement officers to actually do their jobs, Portland City Officials have decided to take a back seat, and let their citizens run amuck. 

It is not hard to see that politics is playing a large part as to why the city is still facing so much crime. Portland mayor Ted Wheeler has told officers to step back and allow the protests to take place. 

If these protests were peaceful, it would be one thing, but they are violent and out of control. They have now lasted 47 consecutive days- days (and nights) full of crime and looting is too much for any city, and the people living there.

These “protesters” are defacing and destroying buildings and property, attacking police officers, and creating havoc for the law-abiding citizens who live there.

In a statement this week, acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf said:

“The city of Portland has been under siege for 47 straight days by a violent mob while local political leaders refuse to restore order to protect their city. 

“Each night, lawless anarchists destroy and desecrate property, including the federal courthouse, and attack the brave law enforcement officers protecting it.”

President Donald trump has promised to “quell” the violence, and take matters into his own hands since Portland officials refuse to do so.

This week, he did just that. 

Since at least July 14th, Federal agents wearing camouflage and masks have been approaching unruly protesters in unmarked vehicles and whisking them away. 

Oregon public broadcasting said in a statement this week:

“Federal law enforcement officers have been using unmarked vehicles to drive around downtown Portland and detain protesters since at least July 14.”

These unidentified Federal Agents are taking people off the streets without any warning, and detaining them at the courthouse.

It goes without saying that left-wing media groups are claiming this is a violation of peoples rights. However, it is becoming an effective way to control the chaos and crime that the Portland political officials are choosing to ignore. 

While some of the people taken are being charged with the crimes they are committing, others are detained, questioned, and released just as fast as they are taken. 

Even if they’re actually booked into jail, they’re let out almost before the riot they’re participating in is even under control.

Oregon public broadcasting said:

“Federal officers have charged at least 13 people with crimes related to the protests so far, while others have been arrested and released.”

The Department of Homeland Security has recently released an extensive report that documents the violence occurring during these protests. 

Here are some of the events that happened just this week:


  • Six violent anarchists were detained and cited.
  • A mob of 300 refused to comply with directions not to trespass on federal property.
  • Another mob of 200 individuals armed with sledgehammers, tasers and/or stun guns, gathered in Chapman Park across from the Hatfield Courthouse.
  • Violent anarchists launched fireworks, threw fecal matter and large objects, and pointed lasers at federal law enforcement officers.
  • Violent anarchists deployed a plywood blockade while graffitiing the Edith Green-Wenell Wyatt Federal Building, before firing wrist rockets at the facility.
  • When an arrest team was deployed to apprehend a rioter who encroached on a police barrier and refused to leave, they were assaulted by violent anarchists.
  • A rioter trespassed on the steps of the Hatfield Courthouse and was confronted by federal law enforcement Officers, then swallowed a large amount of narcotics. Law enforcement called medical services after the individual started to convulse.
  • Despite more orders to stay off of federal property and to cease unlawful activity, FPS was forced to push back violent anarchists. The Portland Police Bureau declared the mob an unlawful assembly.


  • Violent anarchists released personal information of federal law enforcement officers to the public, publishing names of those in Portland.
  • Violent anarchists continued to assault law enforcement officers with lasers, slingshots and fireworks. Others were armed with sledge hammers, tasers, and stun guns, and dragged flaming debris into the scene.


  • Violent anarchists set a container of liquid on fire at the Terry Schrunk Plaza.
  • Violent anarchists jumped a fence and attempted to breach the Edith Green Federal Building.
  • Violent anarchists assaulted federal law enforcement officers with cans and other hard objects while they attempted to unblock the entrance of the Edith Green Federal Building.


  • Violent anarchists doxed members of federal law enforcement.
  • Violent anarchists attempted to damage the Hatfield Courthouse by throwing objects at it and spray painting it. Numerous fireworks were also lit.
  • Violent anarchists trespassed on federal property and destroyed a card reader at the Justice Center.

Given the amount of violence that is taking place each and every day, it is refreshing to have people finally trying to put an end to it. 

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