Action Plan For The Greater Depression That May Be Coming

A plan of action to prepare for what life may be like in 6 months

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So in the article linked above, I did not offer any preparedness solutions. I just wrote about several reasons why the “Perfect Storm” seems to be coming together which may result in a “Greater Depression”.

No, it’s not a prediction.

That said, here are a few considerations / topics (not a complete list) to focus on. Consider how this may (or may not?) affect YOU in the next Great Depression:

  • Financial
  • Political
  • Survival
  • Security

Drill down into each topic according to your own situation. Just keep brainstorming on each subject. Like this:


  • Your own personal investments and where they are now – do you need to make adjustments?
  • What may or may not be more expensive 6 months from now – better to acquire now?
  • The stability of your “job” as it may relate to an economic collapse / Depression
  • How a Greater Depression may financially affect those around you – and how this (they) may subsequently affect YOU


  • Where you live, the political climate there, dangers thereof as it relates to YOU
  • State and Local politics and how those policies may affect you
  • Maybe you consider moving (though best done sooner than later)
  • The potential for CW2 going somewhat “kinetic” or worse…


  • Your state of preps and preparedness (dig deeper into this now, rather than wait)
  • Shortages of many things will get worse
  • Food (it will cost more as inflation / currency devaluation continues)
  • Your level of self-sustainability
  • Can you keep your home (loss of income?) and a backup plan for that
  • Practical Skill Sets
  • Like-minded neighbors / potential to collaborate


  • Those who have not prepared may become desperate
  • Great Depression leads to more poverty, drug abuse, thus more security risks
  • Desperate people do desperate things
  • Home security AND Personal security (two separate things)
  • GD2 may include CW2 (all that this may entail)

Listen, I have more than 2,000 articles here – many of which cover lots of topics on preparedness. You regulars here are well prepared to varying extents. For any newbies here, start browsing! Ask questions.

As I have often mentioned before, start with high level categories. Then drill down. My intent with this short article is to get you thinking about “what if”, rather than the nitty-gritty details. The rest is up to your due-diligence, research, and actions.

Do I really think that we might be facing something like a Great Depression 2 in our future?

Maybe, yes. I believe that we’re already sort of in one right now. It’s just that electronic welfare transfers make it invisible at the checkout counters. No food lines. The government is sending Trillions to the unemployed. The whole thing, the markets, it’s all propped up. The foundation, the frame – it has rotted out. Something’s just got to break big time – sooner or later.

In the mean time, get ready. This time around it’s going to be violent in many places. It will not be anything like the last one. It’s anyone’s guess how we come out on the other side…

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