Ted Cruz Needed Only One Tweet to Expose Both Chris Cuomo and CNN

Ted Cruz Needed Only One Tweet to Expose Both Chris Cuomo and CNN

EDIT: A previous version of this post accidentally omitted the Ted Cruz tweet in question, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of this post.

Sometimes Chris is the smart one, and sometimes he’s Andy’s Idiot Brother. This is the later case (see WATCH CHRIS CUOMO GET WRECKED BY A SINGLE TIKTOK VIDEO and CHRIS CUOMO BLAMES SYSTEMIC RACISM ON TRUMP. WITH DATA FROM 2016.). So, Fredo is scrolling Twitter and catches a video of Ted Cruz discussing the fight over another round of ‘rona aid. Which as an aside, I’m not entirely sure why Republicans are choosing 100 days before Election Day AND during a pandemic to pretend to care about fiscal responsibility again, but to each his own. Cuomo was so enchanted by Cruz’s words, he challenged Cruz to come on his show on CNN. He just did it like a douche. Because … he’s Chris Cuomo.

The junior senator responded. One might even say he “clapped back,” because as it turns out, the video Andy’s Idiot Brother was watching WAS from CNN. It was a heavily edited video at that.

This is one of the ways the media is “fake news.” A Republican gets interviewed for an extended period, giving in-depth answers to important questions and fully explaining their viewpoint. An editor at a news network finds 15 seconds that fits the narrative they want to tell. Another news outlet shares that fifteen seconds without doing any of its own journalism and also knowing that most people will just retweet things they think fit their confirmation bias. Which Chris Cuomo got caught doing when he challenged Cruz to explain himself on CNN after seeing an out-of-context clip of Cruz explaining himself on CNN.

When people say “fake news,” it’s not just because someone was being mean to the president. It’s the entire clickbait-industrial complex, which Ted Cruz just exposed Chris Cuomo and CNN as part of.

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