Tim Pool Just Straight-Up Bodied Brian Stelter in a Single Tweet and We’re Here for It

Tim Pool Just Straight-Up Bodied Brian Stelter in a Single Tweet and We’re Here for It

Keep popping those red pills, Tim Pool. Little by little, the intrepid journalist has been moving closer and closer to the dark side (see TIM POOL GOES OFF, NAILS COWARDS WHO REFUSE TO STAND UP TO THE MOB and TIM POOL UNCUT: SOCIAL MEDIA’S LIBERAL BIAS). Now my dude is even scoring clear shots off of that moldy sack of potatoes wrapped in flesh, CNN’s Brian Stelter. It starts with this tweet. Sorry, patriots. Looks like it’s game over and the deep state finally got to Trump.

The media has been clamoring for Trump to “show leadership” by wearing a mask, so of course now that he has, they have to attack him for it. They claim it’s too little, too late, or that he’s not wearing a mask more better enough. Or, in the case of the Potato Sack, saying it’s because of bad poll numbers, according to “a source familiar with the president’s thinking.” Which, as someone who has claimed to be a source familiar with someone’s thinking before, both the source and the “journalist” know it’s crap. Anyone in Washington, D.C., who reads the Real Clear Politics polling averages can make the claim as Potato Sack’s “source.”

Funny thing, though. Apparently Tim Pool had a source of his own who was familiar with Potato Sack’s thinking:

Here’s the thing, though. Tim Pool is a man of impeccable integrity and moral fiber. He’s basically a Boy Scout. Far be it from me to challenge him on the existence of his sources or what those sources are telling him. But I do question the validity of his source here, claiming that Stelter is violating journalistic ethics. Everyone knows Stelter doesn’t have any to violate in the first place.

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