This Portland Police Officer Confirms What We Know: The Real Problem Is White Liberals

This Portland Police Officer Confirms What We Know: The Real Problem Is White Liberals

More often than not, the people you see screaming the loudest and acting the most unhinged at any of the recent protests are white liberals. The wokest among us are always there to save the day, especially when they think African-Americans don’t have the ability to speak for themselves (see WHITE PEOPLE IN HARLEM WANT TO ABOLISH THE POLICE. BLACK PEOPLE THINK THAT’S INSANE. and IDIOT WHITE LIBERAL CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY BLACK COP THINKS BLUE LIVES MATTER). Though like most liberals, when someone belonging to one or more of the preferred marginalized groups decides to speak for themselves — or worse, disagree — those same liberals go right to the racism in response. Or whatever the appropriate -ism or phobia is at the time.

Who gets it the worst from white liberals lately are black cops, as this Portland police officer recently shared with a reporter.

It says something when you’re at a Black Lives Matter protest and you have more minorities on the police side than you have in a violent crowd. And you have white people screaming at black officers, “You have the biggest nose I’ve ever seen.”

If we’re going to solve the world’s problems, identifying a common enemy helps. Usually white liberals do everything they can to prevent black people and non-white liberals from communicating. Now they even want to prevent black people from communicating with other black people if one of those black people is wearing a police uniform. Their agenda always comes before actual solutions.

Cut white liberals out of the equation, and I’m fairly certain the rest of us can all sit down together and figure this all out.

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