Comedian Hysterically Mocks IDIOTS at CNN While Defending PATRIOTS at Fox News

Comedian Hysterically Mocks IDIOTS at CNN While Defending PATRIOTS at Fox News

Both my Boomer mother and my sister who spends too much time on social media have gotten into cable news lately. It’s been the worst aspect of the pandemic. It’s not people being unemployed and not the second wave of the ‘rona. It’s the number of people who have nothing to do but watch CNN and Fox News. Because they all then want to talk to me about it afterwards with “is this real” and “did you see this clip?” I had to try to explain what “woke” was yesterday. Basically, I don’t think any of you realize how rough my life has been thanks to COVID-19.

From now on, if I’m asked anything about anything on cable news, I’m just going to send them this Ryan Long clip (see THIS SOCIAL DISTANCING SNITCH IS THE HERO WE DESERVE and THIS SOCIAL DISTANCING SNITCH DISCOVERED HIS POLITICAL OPINION CURES COVID). Then if they ask me if this clip is true, Imma just flip a table and set the couch on fire.

For Fox News I have “Illegal Immigrant Attacks Baby.” For CNN I’ve renamed that clip “DREAMer Supports Extremely Late Term Abortion.”

“But Brodigan, how is that any different from some of your blog posts?”

But Hypothetical Questioner, I don’t claim to be a journalist. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Besides, this bait doesn’t click itself.

At the end of the day, all network cable news sucks and people should stop watching it. Turn on the cooking channel or HGTV or something. Good Bones and Home Town are both baller shows.

Also, the funniest part of this video is the absence of MSNBC. No one respects MSNBC.

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