The Picture of Ted Cruz Not Wearing a Mask? Here’s the Truth About It …

The Picture of Ted Cruz Not Wearing a Mask? Here’s the Truth About It …

There’s nothing worse than a mask snitch. Maybe Hitler, but mask snitches are solid #2. I went to go see my niece play ball at the park last night but didn’t post a photo, because I knew some snitch-ass little bitch would rat us out and have my whole town arrested. The snitches most deserving of stitches are douches who wait until you take your mask off, snap a photo, then say you’re not wearing a mask. Ted Cruz found this out as he was the target of outrage for not having a mask on as — wait for it — he was drinking a cup of coffee. The media is calling for an investigation and everything.

Here’s the thing though. Not only was this photo complete crap, it was taken by a Democrat tracker whose job it is to take out-of-context photos and who, if there are any grown-ups left in the media, they should know to take with a grain of salt. Sadly, even the grown-ups seem to suck at their jobs lately.

The problem is that while WE shouldn’t be politicizing masks or the pandemic, or anything ‘rona-related, the left can politicize anything and everything. Like our children, for example (see TEXAS WANTS TO REOPEN SCHOOLS AND TEACHERS CLAIM THEY ARE NOW ‘WRITING OUT THEIR WILLS’ and LA TEACHERS UNION WILL ONLY REOPEN SCHOOLS IF WE … ELIMINATE CHARTER SCHOOLS AND DEFUND THE POLICE). The left doesn’t care. The media covers for them. And the rest of the clickbait-industrial complex says facts, schmacts if they hate you hard enough.

It’s a great idea not to politicize masks. You go first.

Also, let a guy drink his freakin’ coffee.

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