California Gym Owner Has an Anti-Shutdown Message for Gov. Newsom That Many Will Agree With

California Gym Owner Has an Anti-Shutdown Message for Gov. Newsom That Many Will Agree With

On Monday, California governor Gavin Newsom announced he was shutting down the state again due to another ‘rona outbreak. All due to people going to bars and church and not wearing a mask, and totally not because of the three weeks of super spreader events that Newsom fully endorsed (see GAVIN NEWSOM DEMANDS YOU NOT SEE FAMILY ON JULY 4TH, BUT THIS PHOTO LEAVES QUESTIONS … and THIS CHART SHOWS WHEN THE SECOND COVID OUTBREAK STARTED. SPOILER: IT’S BECAUSE OF THE PROTESTS AND RIOTS!). It’s the people who want to get back to work and be able to provide for their families that are the selfish ones who are only looking out for their own self interests. Remember, #WeAreAllInThisTogether and some other junk.

That junk isn’t going to work this time around, if this gym owner’s feeling are shared with other business owners being told they have to shut down again. Easy money says it is.

“A couple weeks ago, you guys didn’t say one word when everyone was rioting and looting the streets with chaos and destroying our country. I didn’t hear one person say any negative thoughts about masks and protections but now someone that’s operating their business and feeding their family…that’s when you guys have a problem with it.”

I seem to remember our politicians, the media, and all the alleged “experts” telling us we only had once chance to get it right. Then hundreds of thousands to people took to the street to peacefully riot and not socially distance from each other, all with the full endorsement of politicians, the media, and the “experts.” The people who followed the rules and are just starting to get their lives back? F*** ’em. They’re being selfish, unlike the idiots protesting because they saw a statue somewhere.

That’s the message that leftist twats like Gavin Newsom are sending to voters. Hopefully some of these voters start to listen for a change.

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