Honesty About Racial Issues Will Get You ********

Discussing the riots and their unintended consequences, along with the attempts by corporate America to help those who need it least.

0:32 — How the peaceful protesters aren’t
0:57 — Stephan Molyneux’s ban
3:34 — What the rioters are really like
4:43 — Black militia group threatens white people
12:37 — Portland, Oregon Antifa terroristic material
15:06 — Black militia stopping traffic
17:03 — Troy, NY church targeted
24:56 — Bill Cosby blames racism for his sexual impropriety
29:39 — Crime in the inner cities skyrockets, media ignores
42:00 — Two people charged with ‘hate crime’ for fixing graffiti
46:14 — Winston-Salem, NC graffiti project
53:14 — Lowes funding "minority-owned" businesses
58:31 — California seeks to amend Constitution to allow discrimination
1:01:50 — India bans TikTok and Chinese apps. We don’t.
1:08:58 — Australia gets more draconian than ever
1:12:32 — Answering viewer questions

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