Another Confederate Statue Removed in Richmond, Virginia

Another Confederate Statue Removed in Richmond, Virginia

Work crews took down the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors statue in Richmond, Virginia, Wednesday, July 8, the sixth Confederate monument to be removed in the city in the past week.

READ MORE: As monuments and statues fall across the United States, activists and towns are left wondering what to do with the empty spaces that once honored historic figures tied to Confederate generals and Spanish conquistadors. They also are debating how to remember civil rights figures and events in areas where they have been forgotten.

The opportunity to reimagine spaces has created a debate: whose history should the U.S. now honor and why? Should anything go on those empty podiums at all?

Some advocates say monuments to the late U.S. Rep. Barbara Jordan or Mexican American civil rights leader Dolores Huerta should replace the fallen statues. Others say World War II Marine Sgt. Miguel Trujillo Sr., a member of the Isleta Pueblo who sued to get Native Americans the right to vote in New Mexico, or former slave-turned-abolitionist Olaudah Equiano should have monuments erected in their honor.


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