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5 Signs The U.S. Is On The Brink Of CollapseThere’s no doubt that we live in an unprecedented time in our nation’s history. The year 2020 will be viewed as a year of chaos and uncertainty, but also hopefully as a year of change for the better.

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But at the present moment, there are numerous issues our country is facing that we should all be aware of. We are experiencing a global pandemic, record unemployment, growing food shortages, the rise of militant factions, and rioting across the country.

The question has to be asked: Is the United States a grand experiment that is about to conclude by crossing into a point of no return?

This video by City Prepping discuss the top five signs that the United States of America is on the brink of a collapse:

1. Divisions Without Calls For Unity

This indicates that even greater conflicts are on the horizon. Over its 244-year history, the United States has proven to be very resilient and capable of healing itself following periods of significant upheaval. The fact that we recovered after the American Civil War was itself a major achievement.

However, we also live in a time in which information travels faster than ever before. And as a result, the people in our society are becoming more easily offended when presented with alternative viewpoints. Subsequently, the calls for unity have become less common.

2. Potential Economic Collapse

The second major sign is the potential economic collapse that we are facing. The global GDP has contracted significantly, farmers are unable to bring their products to market, and manufacturers have scaled back production significantly.

These all indicate a looming economic depression, made worse as the Federal Reserve runs out of ways to handle the economic slide.

3. Economic Inequality Gap

The economic inequality gap has widened significantly. Shrinking wages and Americans earning less and dying younger are all recipes for a potential revolution in the near future.

We’ve seen populist governments forming on both the right and the left and the general population growing much more desperate.

4. Food and Shelter Insecurities

Food and shelter represent two of the most basic necessities for humans. We are living now in a time where there is a major food shortage created by the pandemic, and many people unable to make their rent or mortgage payments.

Americans will either turn to self-reliance or self-opportunity. And unfortunately, a majority are likely to turn to the latter in order to survive.

5. Will The November Election Even Happen?

Perhaps the biggest indicator of what will happen lies in the upcoming November 2020 election. There are serious questions about whether the Republican or Democratic parties will accept defeat if either side is proclaimed the winner of the election, due to accusations of voter fraud, gerrymandering, voter suppression, and overall questions about electoral integrity.

But regardless of the outcome, there’s also the chance that the election won’t happen at all. In extreme circumstances, the election could be postponed or even cancelled. For example, if the pandemic worsens or the rioting and civil unrest get worse.

For a more detailed discussion, be sure to check out the video by City Prepping below.

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